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Shorten Sales Cycles and Drive Revenue

Out of the box, GoldMine® helps increase productivity through team-based collaboration, centralized customer information, and tools for streamlining sales and marketing processes. If needed, you can add even more to the power of GoldMine with modules for flexible web access, mobile contact management, and integration with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, and popular accounting packages!

GoldMine® equips professionals, SOHOs (Small Offices/Home Offices), small businesses and teams with customer/contact management, automated processes and workgroup tools.

GoldMine® Corporate Edition enables entire small to medium-sized enterprises or distributed enterprises to effectively manage every facet of business relationships.

Features Include:

  • Rich Contact Management

  • Time Management

  • Document and Campaign Management

  • Opportunity Management

  • Team-Based Collaboration

  • Reporting and Analysis

  • Forecasting

  • Remote Access

  • Full Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange

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